Dues/Budget Info

Dues are used to, maintain and improve the parks, paths, medians, trees, lawns, and areas of the subdivision for which the association is responsible. Dues are also used to fund events, send out mailings and communications, and take care of the business needs of maintaining the association and the subdivision. The budget is tracked by the board treasurers. It is distributed and collected through authorization of the board. The dues for membership in the subdivision is $75 per year which is assessed on Jan 1st of each year.

March 1st is the last day to pay your dues without a late fee.  After March 1st a $25 late fee is assessed. Dues not paid after April 1st can have a lien filed against the home.

Listed below is the proposed five year budget that was proposed and approved for 2014-2018 supporting the dues amount of $75.

 ItemAmount  Description
Mailings and Website $2,690
Three mailings are sent out per year, one for the dues notice, one for the the springtime newsletter, and one for the annual meeting. This includes printing, postage and envelopes. Includes website domain registration
Lawn Care $15,800Based on actual quotes, this includes grass cutting for the parks and culdesacs, weed whipping, fertilization and other services. Improvements include edging, leaf pickup and guaranteed regular cuts near the end of the weekend, but not on weekends.
Culdesac and Median Maintenance $850Includes re-mulch of the culdesacs that have mulch every other year and top soil and re-seed as needed. Upkeep of median and Stoneridge entrance sign.
Snow Removal $400Removal of snow as required by the city on paths in front of the park.
Tree Maintenance $800Includes paying for a professional arborist to give a tree health analysis.  Also includes trimming and spraying of the trees, dead tree removal and tree replacement.
Park Maintenance  $1,400Replacement of the play-scape mulch with certified mulch, weeding, and upkeep of the play equipment, tables, benches and paths in the parks.
Business Expenses $2,895This item includes liability insurance, accounting software, tax preparation, state registration fees and the fees associated with filing liens.
Reserve Fund $1000As a best practice, the association saves 3% of its income in case of an emergency. Once the reserve fund reaches a safe threshold, any excess is used for improvements around the subdivision.
Unpaid Dues $2,250Unfortunately there are homes in the sub that do not pay the dues that are owed. Although liens are filed on these homes, the money is not collected until the home is sold. The result is that the burden is put on the remaining households to make up for this.
Future Improvement Projects $500This money for this fund is used for special projects that are not part of the regular maintenance of the subdivision.  
Events$2,675The association hosts several events during the year including; spring time kites and bites, tri sub garage sale, summer picnic and Halloween parade. This fund provides for the food, equipment, activities, advertising and other items that go into making these events successful.
Total Expenses $29,785This is the estimated amount for our total expenses for 2014.  Assuming normal inflation and that costs will continue to increase over the next five year, we estimate that by 2018 our total expenses will be closer to $33,437
Total Households386There are 386 homes in our subdivision
Dues per Household $77.16By 2018 our estimated expenses would put us closer to $87 per household. Over the next five years the average calculated value shows that dues should really be more than $81 per household. 

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Feb 2, 2017, 7:25 PM
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Feb 2, 2017, 7:26 PM