Association Information

The Stoneridge Homeowners Improvement Association is the organization that administers the affairs of the subdivision. There are up to 15 board members who serve voluntarily and are elected by the membership present at the annual meeting of the subdivision. The board currently has openings and would welcome participation from anyone who is interested in helping out. Please email us at if you are able to help.

The current board members are:

Ben Groen – Chair

Ann Erickson Gault – Vice Chair

Chad Dietrich – Treasurer

Sardool Singh - Treasurer

Ruchi Rao - Communications Chair

Betty Kalvoda – Events Chair

Seth Stark - Board Member

Matt Dzuirman – Board Member

Dura Kumahan - Board Member

The board is governed by the association bylaws and enforces the building restrictions which can be found below. The Stoneridge Homeowners Improvement Association is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to maintain and improve the neighborhood and host community activities. In addition to this the association also maintains two private parks: the five-acre North Park on Coral Drive and the three-acre East Park on Quartz Drive. They also are responsible to maintain several medians and cul-de-sacs in the subdivision.