Dues/Budget Info

Dues are used to, maintain and improve the parks, paths, medians, trees, lawns, and areas of the subdivision for which the association is responsible. Dues are also used to fund events, send out mailings and communications, and take care of the business needs of maintaining the association and the subdivision. The budget is tracked by the board treasurers. It is distributed and collected through authorization of the board. The dues for membership in the subdivision is $75 per year which is assessed on Jan 1st of each year.

March 1st is the last day to pay your dues without a late fee. After March 1st a $25 late fee is assessed. Dues not paid after April 1st are subject to have a lien filed against the property.

Listed below is the proposed five year budget that was proposed and approved for supporting the dues amount of $75. Dues have not increased since 2014.